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Eames's Rangers

Jeremiah Eames led units of New Hampshire men to scout northern New Hampshire
and aid the settlers around Northumberland. In addition to scouting, they rebuilt Fort
Wentworth (although they were admonished at one point to stick to the fort rebuilding
and not help the locals with their crops so much). The followings contains some
specific information from the History of Coos County. 1888

Captain Jeremiah Eames was on the frontiers here from July 5, 1776, with fifty men
and officers for some time; and from October 14, to December 1, 1776, with twenty-
six Rangers. Again, he had command of ten men, on a like service from December 2,
1776 to April, 1777. A scouting party of five men was “stationed at or near the Upper
Coos” (probably at Northumberland) by order of the “Committee of Safety” from July
15 to October 1, 1779 under the command of Lieut. Josiah Chapman