Published Photos on other Websites:
Published Photos on other Websites:
Keith Bear, Flutemaker, Musician & Storyteller
Keith Bear working on his next
Flute, showing me how he starts
out by drawing his design or
animal. After the layout is done,
he starts filing the head piece
first and than the holes. All
sanding is by hand. Far right
holding a finished Flute, taking
about 2 weeks to complete.
Price range starts at $300.00
and the sky is the limit.
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Eagle Farthers Battle
Keith Bear and Mark
Mora trying on the new
head-dress. Made by
The Flute Maker..
Seymour from the Stand Off, Alberta,
Canada. Largest reservation in Canada,
Blood Tribe. Due to Tribal Laws and
Customs, Seymour can only make and sale
to qualified Native American Indians. This
means all the correct paper work and Tribe