JCFD Hanson Chief
JCFD Demicco
Chief Hanson
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Jewett City Fire Dept
JCFD Delucia
JCFD Friday
JCFD Marrotte
JCFD Mulvey
Top Left: xxxxxx, Comfort, Hanson, Marrotte
Bottom Left: xxxxxxx. Friday, xxxxxxx, Mulvet
Ran into the Jewett City Fire Dept Team at a Telephone Pole vs
Bus accident on Mathewson St., in front of my apartment after
work. I went out to talked and asked if I could photograph them. It
was on and I had a great time talking about there traditional Fire
Hats and Shields. This group of Firemen keep with the New York
and Boston traditions of uniforms and gear.

A great bunch of Firemen!!!